LA GATEWAY – Los Angeles River Regeneration Master Plan

The catalytic destination for the next generation.

Around the world, rivers and waterfronts are centers of life, leisure, culture and commerce. Great cities form around them and continue to be transformed by them. In world-class cities like Los Angeles, rivers can be catalysts for economic revitalization and social transformation — focal points where nature is celebrated, neighborhoods intersect, culture and commerce thrive, and people come together. The city’s historic heart centered on its Pueblo birthplace has over the years reaped the benefits and borne the challenges of the intertwined forces of city-making aspirations and the river. Often at odds with each other, these two forces have shaped the heart of Los Angeles. Today, a Los Angeles River renaissance is underway, offering a unique opportunity to integrate the revitalization of the river and the communities located along its banks.

The Los Angeles River Gateway vision is a story of re-connections — reconnecting the city with the river and nature, reconnecting communities separated from the river, and reconnecting neighborhoods isolated from the economic success and benefits experienced elsewhere in the city. It provides a viable plan to deliver river revitalization and enhance the quality of life in the communities along the river.